Database link wizard: Online email invitations

This page is available if you have chosen to send email invitations for an online survey, using the database link wizard. This happens when you have

  • selected the send email invitations option
  • selected the login participants with email invitations options

Email invitations and reminders

Email address fieldThe database field that stores the participants’ email addresses.
Font formattingChoose the font type, size, format and colour for the selected text in the Invitation or Reminder.
Email subject and textEnter your email subject in the top pane and the message in the lower field.
InsertEnter an HTML field, the survey location, a field from the database containing information specific to the participant or a survey opt out link. The survey location link is mandatory.
InvitationEnter the email invitation text and insert any fields required, including the survey location, which is mandatory.
ReminderEnter the email reminder text. By default, this is the same as the Invitation text. The survey location link is mandatory.
Automatically log into surveyThe link to the survey location automatically logs in the participant, and they do not need to enter their login details.
Show a login pageThe participant must enter their login details before they can start the questionnaire. The Participant paradata variable identifies the participant when they click the link.
Use HTML emailsSelect this option if you want to use HTML in your emails. Clear this option to send plain text emails.