Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) guide

Introduction to the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)

The Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) allows you to build surveys that ask your customers how satisfied they are with your organisation. The survey contains the standard 2 part CSAT questions to measure the satisfaction of your customers. Both the 5 point scale and follow-up question text can be customised using your own words. There is also the opportunity to add an additional question of your own. You can tailor the title, the logo for your organisation, and enter a custom thank you note.

The responses to the survey will help you understand how your customers feel, assisting you in improving and prioritising your business or organisation needs.

Step by step guide

This guide will take you through the steps for the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT):

Step 1: Register for a free Snap XMP Online account

If you already have an account, log on using your account details. There is no need to create another account.

If you do not already have an account, register for your free account using the following instructions.

  1. To apply for your free account go to If you have any problems, copy and paste or type the link into your web browser search bar.
  2. On the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) page click Get started for free. This opens the Create a new Snap XMP Online account page.
  3. Enter your email address, organisation name, full name and phone number. Select the checkbox to confirm that you have read and accept the terms and conditions. The Terms and Conditions are available by clicking the terms and conditions link.
  4. Click Create account. An email will be sent to the email address confirming that the account has been created.
  5. When you receive the email, click the link to verify the email address.
  6. When the email address is verified this will import the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT).

Step 2: Building the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)

After logging in to Snap XMP Online you are ready to use the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT).

  1. The first page in Snap XMP Online shows a summary of Your Work. The Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) template is available here. Templates are shown with the icon templateIcon.png . Click the icon or template name to show the template Summary.
  1. In the Summary, click New Survey. You can also access the survey help, and the terms and conditions here.
  1. Enter the survey name; select the checkbox to confirm that you have read and accept the terms and conditions then click Create survey.
  1. This opens the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) which helps you to set up your survey. Follow the on screen instructions to build your survey. You have the opportunity to add an additional question of your own. Click Next to progress to the next step.
  2. The next page lets you customise the text in the survey. Click in a text area and overtype with your own text.
  3. Click Create Survey to build the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) or click Back if you wish to change anything.

Making changes to your Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)

  1. Select the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT), if it is not already selected. In the Summary tab, click the Build link.
  1. This displays the read-only view of your Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT). There are three options available:
    • View shows the read-only version.
    • Edit lets you make basic changes to specified wording and the logo. You can edit the shaded areas shown between curly brackets { }. Click on the word or image to edit.
    • Rebuild runs the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) again. This allows you to change your initial choices by selecting or clearing the options. This is not available if you have already started collecting responses.
  1. Click Save to save any changes you have made. Click Cancel to cancel any changes and return to the original version. This shows the read-only version.

Step 3: Share with your customers using the link or QR code

The next step is to test the survey and share it with your customers.

Viewing the interview settings

  1. Select the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT), if it is not already selected.
  2. In the Summary tab, click the Collect link. The Interview URL link and the QR code are available here.

Testing the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)

  1. Click Launch Preview. This opens a test version of the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT).
Launch preview link
  1. Test the survey by completing it with different responses to check that it works the way you want. Your test responses are not saved and do not affect your data.
  2. If you need to make any changes, return to the Build tab where you can use Edit and Rebuild to make the changes then repeat the testing.
  3. When you are happy with the questionnaire, you can start collecting your customers’ responses.

Start Interviewing

  1. Click Start Interviewing then click Start when you are asked to confirm.
  1. Now you can send the Interview URL link and/or QR code to your customers.

Making the Interview URL available

  1. In Web Interviews, click Copy URL to clipboard to copy the Interview URL link.
Interview URL with the Copy to clipboard icon highlighted
  1. Open your web browser, paste the link into the search bar at the top of your browser and press Enter. This loads the start page of the survey.
  2. Alternatively, open your email application and paste the link into an email to send to your customers.
  3. If you wish to include the Interview URL link in a printed sign for your customers, paste it into a document and print.

Making the QR code available

  1. In Web Interviews, click the QR code image to download the QR code to your device.
Download QR code
  1. The web browser shows a notification when the file has downloaded. Click on the notification to open and/or save the QR code.
  2. The QR code can be used in a printed sign for customers to use or attached to an email sent to your customers. The minimum size for a printed QR code is 2cm by 2cm.

Step 4: Ask your customers to complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)

When you have sent the Interview URL link or QR code to your customers, ask them to complete the questions.

Using the Interview URL link

  1. If your customer has an email with the Interview URL link, ask them to click this link to open the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT).
  2. Alternatively, open a web browser app and enter the Interview URL in the search bar of the browser. Press Enter to open the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT).

Using the QR code

  1. Using the QR code can quickly open the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) on your customers’ smartphones. Many smartphones, such as iPhones or Android devices, have an in-built QR code reader in the camera app.
  2. Open the camera app and point the camera at the QR code for a few seconds. When scanning is enabled a notification appears. Tap the notification to open the link.
  3. Alternatively, a QR code reader app can be installed on the phone. Follow the instructions for the app.

Completing the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)

  1. Ask your customers to answer the questions and click Submit.
  2. They will receive a notification to confirm that their response has been submitted.

Step 5: Use your data to improve your Customer Satisfaction Score

Each Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) has five reports.

  • Customer (CSAT) Survey Report containing the Customer Satisfaction Score and all comments for all the survey responses received.
  • Previous 12 months CSAT containing the Customer Satisfaction Score and all comments for the survey responses received over the previous 12 months
  • Satisfied Comments containing comments from satisfied customers (respondents scoring 4 or 5)
  • Neutral Comments containing comments from neutral customers (respondents scoring 3)
  • Dissatisfied Comments containing comments from dissatisfied customers (respondents scoring 1 or 2)

If you have included an additional question there is also an analysis list of the responses to this question, available in Tables and Charts.

Analyzing your response data

  1. Select the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT).
  2. In the Summary tab, click the Analyze link. The reports are available here.
  1. Click on a report to view the analysis of your response data.
    • Click Update to get the latest data.
    • Click Download to create a PDF version of the report.
    • Click Print PrintInfoSheet.PNG to print the report.