Creating a banner footer (or header) with indented report text

The distance between the edge of the page and the edge of the headers/footers is set in the report page margins (shown in light green in the image below).

The distance from the edge of the headers/footers to the report content is set in the report border margins (shown in light red in the image below).

Printer layout dialog with footer highlighted

Border margins are only used if you have enabled a report border.

If you want a full width header or footer (for example, including a banner graphic) but you do not want the report content to be full width, you will need to set the page margins to position the header/footer, and the border margin to position the report content (using a transparent border).

The picture below shows the page margin set to 0 at the right and left so you can use the full width of the page

Printer layout dialog with footer highlighted
  1. Click NewSurveyIcon.png on the toolbar to add a new instruction and select Page Layout. The Page Layout instruction dialog opens. Select the Page Setup tab.
Set the headers, footers and thumb text
  1. Select Margins and Borders and click the Margin/Border button to open the Report Borders dialog
  2. Set the Left and Right page margins to 0
  3. Set the Top and Bottom page margins to the height of your header and footer graphics.
  4. Set the Right and Left border margins to the width you would like between the page edges and the report text
Set the page margins and borders margins
  1. Set the Page Border to a style and set the Border Colour to Transparent.
Set the header and footer offset
  1. Click OK to close the dialog.
  2. Select Headers, footers and thumb text and click the Headers/Footers button to open the Headers/Footers dialog.
Create a banner footer
  1. Remove any unwanted default text, and then click in the central footer pane.
  2. Click the Insert button and browse for your footer graphic. Check that the Zoom is set correctly, and then click OK.
Inserting the banner image
  1. Click OK to save your new footer, then click OK to save your page layout instruction.
  2. Run your report with the new page layout instruction.
Printer layout dialog with banner footer