Creating a Hi-Lo chart showing maximum and minimum values

Hi-Lo charts can be used to show limited statistics.

  1. Click AnalysisChartIcon.png to display the Analysis Definition dialog for a chart.
  2. Add the variables of type quantity to the Analysis field, separated by commas.
  3. Set the Break to STATS or select Statistics table in the dropdown list.
  4. Check the Transpose box.
  5. Select the style Hilo in the dropdown list of Styles. Browse for the style if it is not visible.
Analysis definition for a HiLo chart
  1. Click the Descriptive Statistics tab.
  2. Show only the minimum and maximum in the Used pane. (Select all other statistics in the Used pane and move them to the Available pane.)
  3. Click OK to build the chart.

The result is a Hi-Lo Chart showing the highest value recorded and the lowest value recorded for each of the variables.

HiLo Chart display