Creating a custom subject selection page for group questionnaires

Group questionnaires are questionnaires that a participant is required to repeat a number of times, once per subject. Prior to completing a group questionnaire, the participant must login in order to load the subjects for the individual. Once a participant has logged into the questionnaire they will see a default page that shows the list of group subjects and status for the survey. The participant selects a group subject and the questionnaire starts for that subject. The subject selection page can be customised to include logos and further instructions.

  1. On the Snap XMP Desktop toolbar, click QuestionnaireIcon.png to open the survey in the Questionnaire window.
  2. Click Questionnaire Properties  QuestionnairePropsIcon.png  to open the Questionnaire Properties dialog.
  3. In Section, select Paradata.
  4. Check that the questionnaire is set up for logins by selecting Participant then select Display in questionnaire, if it is not already selected. This inserts a login question at the start of the questionnaire.
  1. In the Paradata settings, select Survey Index then select Display in questionnaire.
  1. Click OK to return to the questionnaire. The default Survey Index status line is added to the questionnaire, immediately below the login details.
  1. Insert a page break before and after the Survey Index status line as it must be on a page of its own, immediately after the login page.
  1. The status line appears once for each course associated with a student. Edit the text as you wish, making sure you keep the {group subject} and {group status} fields. You can insert text, images and variables which have been seeded from the database into the status line.
  2. When the participant logs into the survey, the subject selection page is selected.