Creating a top line analysis of your survey

Snap can display the results of a survey in the form of a questionnaire. This is a clear and easy way of viewing a top-level summary of the survey and can easily be printed. More detailed analyses will then follow in the form of tables and charts.

  1. Click the SurveyOverviewIcon.png button on the toolbar to open the Survey Overview window. Double-click the survey, or select the survey and click P:\Snap Online Help Latest Version\Screenshots\8.Synchronizing Snap Desktop and Snap Online\10.EditSurveyIcon.png , to open the survey. The Survey Details dialog box will appear.
  2. Click OK to open the survey and display the Questionnaire window.
  3. Click the DataModeIcon.png button in the Questionnaire window to switch to Data View Mode.
  4. Click the drop down showing Case Data, and change to Counts. The number of respondents giving each answer will be shown. For example, 35 respondents visited the restaurant daily.
  5. Select the Percentage box. The questionnaire will now be presented with the percentage value shown for each of the questions. You’ll now see that the 35 daily visitors represent 9% of our total. Use the vertical scroll bar to view more of the questionnaire.
Example of a top line analysis showing counts and percentages