Creating a survey template for use in Snap Online

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Survey templates are used as the starting point when creating a survey in Snap Desktop and Snap Online. A number of pre-defined survey templates are provided including the default Blank Template. You can also create additional online templates in Snap Desktop.

  1. In Snap Desktop, open the Survey Overview window.
  2. Click OnlineSurveysIcon.png to view the Online Surveys.
  3. Select the survey that will be the basis of your survey template.
Survey overview showing the online folders and surveys
  1. Select File|Save as Template to display the New Online Template dialog. A default survey template name and folder are entered in the dialog. You can change these before saving. In our example the name is changed to Conference survey template and the location is Demo Folder.
New Online Template dialog
  1. Click OK to save the survey template.
Survey overview showing the online survey template
  1. The survey template is now available for use in Snap Online.

Upload Template Thumbnail in Snap Online

In the Summary section of a survey template, you have the option to upload a thumbnail image. This can help users identify the survey template when they are creating a new survey.

  1. Select the survey template in Your work to display the Summary.
Upload a thumbnail for the survey template
  1. Click the Upload thumbnail button to display the Upload thumbnail dialog.
Select the thumbnail file
  1. Click the Select file button to select an image. Here, the image has previously been created by copying part of the questionnaire.
Open the thumbnail file
  1. Click Open and you can see the image is displayed in the Summary section.
Thumbnail image shown in Summary tab