Counting items other than respondents

The following example uses the Crocodile Rock Cafe Survey. A table is weighted to show the results for each member of the party rather than for the party as a whole.

  1. Click AnalysisTblIcon.png to display the Analysis Definition dialog box.
  2. Specify the Analysis as Q6a to build a table of Q6a, “How do you rate the speed of service?”
  3. Specify the Weight as Q3a, “How many people were in your party today?”
Analysis Definition using a weight
  1. Click OK and the weighted table will be built.
Table using weights for a rating question

The inclusion of the weight will multiply the number of respondents in each response code by the value in Q3a for each respondent, namely the number of adults in the party.

The table shows the Unweighted Base and the Weighted Base. The Unweighted Base can be excluded using the Tailor | Analysis option.