Conditional inclusion based on context

You may only want to display or run an instruction in certain circumstances. For example, when running a report to context, you may only want to display information for a specific situation, such as a specific month.  You can set conditions depending on the current context.

The example shows a context value for all months of the year. An instruction is defined that is only included if the context is January. It assumes that you have a context variable Month.

  1. Enter not(Month@context=1) in the NA box to only use the Information instruction when the month has been set to 1 (January).
Conditionally include context based on the context
  1. Select File|Context values and open the global context.
  2. Set the month to January in the global context.
Global context values
  1. When you run the report, check if the January instruction has been included.
  2. Change the month in the global context and run the report again. Check that the January instruction has been omitted.