Component properties dialog

The component properties dialog is used to create components to use in patterns. Components are essentially patterns that can only be used within the parent pattern. They allow you to specify repeats of groups of characters, and to identify elements within a pattern match.

NameName for the component. Should be as specific as possible.
LabelMore detail about the component.
ConsistentCheck to require the same match for the component in all uses in a single pattern.
Less<<More>>Hide or display the Components panel.
ComponentsThe list of components which are local to this component.
MatchesThe list of matches which are valid for this component.
ResultThe string or component result that the match is changed to. If empty, any sub-component results will be used. If there are no component results, no transformation will take place. Right-click in field to select a component name to use as the result.
Modify CaseTransform the result of applying the component to the specified case. The available options are lower case, Normal, Sentence case, Title case, UPPER CASE.