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To avoid any interview bias, it is possible to rotate the codes of a question, so that the codes are re-ordered each time the question is shown in an interview, according to pre-defined rules. To do this, you must set code rotation on each question where it is required, and enable it in the Data Entry window.

During the interview the question codes are re-arranged in the specified order. The code numbers remain the same and the transformations in the background record the response against the correct answer code.

Setting code rotation on a question

  1. Select the question in the Questionnaire window.
  2. Click on the Variable Properties button VariablePropsIcon.png .
  3. Select the rotation option from the Ordering drop-down list.
Variable properties dialog showing ordering
  • None: the codes will always be presented in the order shown.
  • Inverse: the codes are presented in reverse order in successive interviews.
  • Forward: the codes will move forward on successive interviews.
  • Random: the codes will be randomly re-arranged for each interview.
  • Alphabetic: the codes will be displayed in alphabetical order.

You can also set code rotation in the Variables window.

  1. Double click the variable in the Variables window.
  2. Click on the Definitions button DesignModeIcon.png to display the rotation option
  3. Select the order from the drop down list on the right hand side.

Excluding the final code(s) from the rotation

There is often a requirement to leave some answer codes in their original positions. For example, the question shown below has answer 8 as “Other”.

Multi choice question

You can omit final codes from the rotation by specifying the number of codes to be rotated in the box next to the ordering specification in the Variables window or in the Ordering count field in the Variable Properties dialog. For the example given, type 7 to apply ordering to the first 7 codes while leaving code 8 fixed.

Enabling code rotation

Code Rotation will only be implemented if it is also selected in Data Entry Tailoring.

  1. Click DataEntryIcon.png to open the Data window.
  2. Click TailoringIcon.PNG to open the Data Entry Tailoring dialog.
Default options for data entry
  1. Check the Rotate Codes option and click OK.
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