Changing the size of charts (and other image analyses) in your report

You can use a window size instruction to set the sizes of images. This ensures that image based analyses (such as charts, word clouds and maps) and text contained within them appear at a predictable size.

A window size instruction defines the relative dimensions of subsequent analyses appearing in the report. The actual pixel dimensions of analyses may change when you resize the analysis.

  1. Open your report.
  2. Click New Instruction NewSurveyIcon.png on the toolbar to add a new instruction and select Window Size. The Window Size instruction dialog opens.
Set the window size of the report
  1. Enter the dimensions that you would like for your image analyses. Click Set Custom to open an adjustable window where you can specify the size.
  2. Click OK to add your instruction to the report.
  3. Click SaveIcon.png to save the report.

Hints and tips

  • To place analyses in the middle of the page, set max scale to 50% – the analyses will expand to fill 50% of the available space, placing it in the middle.
  • The screen resolution at which a PDF report is viewed will also affect the appearance of charts.
  • Set to standard size unless you are know the size used to view your reports.