Change the way an area looks in the Map Control

You can change the way an area looks when it is clicked on. You can add a filter to change the way the image appears, add an outline, and change the contrast or brightness of the area.

These are available in the Map Control Editor from the Designer tab toolbar and the Shape menu.

Fill IM: Fill button Fill the area with the selected colour.
Color filter IM; colour filter button View the picture through a lens of the selected colour.
Grayscale IM: grayscale button Change the area from colour to grey.
Invert colors Reverse the red, green and blue colour in the area.
Blur IM: blur button Blur the selected area.
Oil painting effect IM: oil painting button Speckle the selected area.
Emboss IM: emboss button Make dark patches indented and light patches raised.
Edge detect Emphasize edges and simplify plain areas.
Clear filters Remove any of the effects above.
Brightness/ Contrast IM: brightness contrast button Increase or decrease the brightness or contrast of the selected area. This may be combined with any of the filters above.
Pen IM: pen button Specify the colour and thickness of the area outline, and whether it is displayed. This may be combined with any of the effects above.