Base/Labels tab

Base and Labels tab in the Analysis definition dialog
Area Description
  • Responses include all valid replies which may be greater than respondents in a multi-response survey.
  • Respondents include all respondents

Update Display

Define when the analysis view is updated

  • On request: update when 1 2 3  button is pressed
  • On text change only: update if variable labels change
  • On any change: update whenever respondent data changes
Language Select the survey language for any labels and analysis fields. This defaults to the system language. When there is no text defined in survey for that language, text will not be displayed.
Analysis base as Enter text for label in field.
Break base as Enter text for label for base section in field
Unweighted as Select or clear the check box to display the unweighted and weighted break bases separately. This is only available if a weight is applied. Enter text for label in field.
Weighted as Enter text for label in field.
Missing as Title for the group of No Reply, Not Asked and Errors. Automatically included if any of these included
Other as Group heading for quantity variables
Not asked
No reply
You can choose whether non-valid responses are included in the calculations for the analysis and break values. You can also choose whether to display a line of information about these responses
  • Show to include the responses in analysis or/and break and display information on them. Enter text for label in field
  • Hide to include the responses in analysis or/and break but do not show the information.
  • Exclude to remove the responses from the analysis or/and break


Use Insert to insert one of

  • base Current base value
  • label The label of the analysis variable (grid or code)
  • name The number or ID of the question used for analysis (headings only)
  • score The weights placed on the different responses to a multi-choice question (labels only)
  • unweighted unweighted base values (only useful if the base is weighted).
  • You may also include free text, either on its own or to separate inserted fields.

Analysis Heading

Title for analysis group of rows. Defaults to the variable label (analysis question grid label).

Analysis Label

Title for analysis rows. Defaults to the analysis question code label.

Break Heading

Title for break group of columns. Defaults to the variable label (break question grid label)

Break Label

Title for break columns. Defaults to the break question code label.

Expand axis labels

If multiple variables are used, provide separate labels for each of the variables that appear on one axis. (Charts only). You can define the content of these labels in the Analysis and Break Heading and Label template fields.