The Snap XMP Online API (application programming interface) allows customers to access the data in their account programmatically.

Note that if you give anyone else API access to your account you will be giving them access to all of your surveys and all of your survey responses and (depending on the share permissions) access to all surveys and survey responses shared to you by others. Do not give anyone API access if this will be a problem for you.

The API is a RESTful API (Representational State Transfer). It utilises the HTTP transport mechanism and is stateless. Data submitted in the body of a request and data returned in the body of the response is in the JSON format. The API only supports the JSON representation at present. We may allow other representations such as XML in future versions.

Each call made to the API is stateless and as such each call must include the authorisation information. The return from each call consists of a standard HTTP response which consists of a HTTP response code, response body and response headers.

Please note that from Monday 5th December 2022 usage of the API becomes chargeable. The charge is that 0.1 unit will be consumed each time a survey response is delivered by the API.  This applies if the API delivers the same survey response multiple times. Use the Get Survey Responses endpoint to deliver the survey responses.