Analysis variables tailoring

The Analysis Variables Tailoring dialog provides settings which control the overall presentation of analyses and dictate how missing data is to be handled.

The Analysis Variables Tailoring dialog is available by clicking the Tailoring | Analysis Variables menu.

Tailoring survey settings are available for other windows in Snap XMP Desktop.

Tailoring options

Results Set to the number of significant figures used in the results
Percentages Set to the number of decimal places used to display percentages
Calculations Set to the number of significant figures used in calculations
% Sign Select to display the percentage (%) signs
Exclude case Completely exclude a case if one of its variable responses is missing
Substitute mean If a case has a missing variable response, substitute the mean of the other valid responses to the variable

Save options

The table shows the buttons used to save or cancel changes in the tailoring dialog.

Keep Apply the tailoring and keep it as the default setting for the current survey.
Use Use the changes only for the duration of the session. The setting reverts to the original settings when the dialog is closed.
RestoreCancel changes but leave the dialog open.
Cancel Cancel changes and close the dialog.