Advanced tailoring: General

These default settings apply to all the surveys used in Snap XMP Desktop.

The General tab allows you to set the default settings for the way Snap XMP Desktop opens.

Initial window to display Select the window that displays when you open a survey. The default is the Questionnaire window. You can also select None.
Default publicationSelect the default edition when you create a new survey.
Separate code lists using Enter the text used between variables for text substitution with multiple variables. For example, “and” gives code1, code2 and code 3
Auto generated label length This is the default length for code labels
Don’t paste special unicode charactersWhen this is selected special Unicode characters will not be pasted in the Variables and Variable Details windows. This is on by default.
Use colours in export to RTF Include colours when exporting to rich text format files
Limit printed reports to a maximum number of pages This limits a printed report to a maximum number of pages, which is helpful for reports that contain many literal responses. The default is 500.

Other Advanced tailoring options

  • Content with settings for HTML publishing and images.
  • Embedding with settings for using embedded data.
  • Updates with settings and details on the Snap XMP Desktop software updates.