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Why is employee engagement so important?

Employee engagement plays a huge role in the success of your organization.

When employees are fully engaged, it means they are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

  • More productive
  • Aligned with your values
  • Take fewer sick days
  • Contributing to team spirit & morale
  • Driven to succeed

Fully engaged employees also make a business 23% more profitable. Source: Forbes

And that’s why we’re here to help you discover how engaged your employees are.

Employee Engagement Survey and Reports

How can Snap Surveys help you?

Whatever your needs, we have the solution.

  • Option 1: Pre-built employee engagement survey
    Run the survey with the click of a button and generate visual reports.
  • Option 2: Survey template
    Helping you get started quickly with customizable starter questions and pre-built reports.
  • Option 3: Research Projects Team
    When more hands will help, our in-house team of researchers can help carry the load.

Pre-built Employee Engagement Survey

Our easy-to-use Employee Engagement Survey gathers views on a range of topics relevant to your employees; from the job, the manager and the company, to relationships, key policies and communications.

It also includes visual reporting to help you understand your data.

  • Pre-built solution
  • Select up to 22 engagement questions
  • Easy one-click analysis
  • Quick summaries and in-depth reports
  • Customizable to your organization

It’s easy to set up and run the online survey in just a few clicks!

pre-built employee engagement survey
employee engagement survey template

Employee Engagement Survey Template

Get started quickly with a fully customisable survey template that comes with Snap XMP.

  • Customizable questions
  • Pre-built summary reports
  • Dig deep with custom reports
  • Easy sharing and distribution
  • Online and offline surveys

Giving you flexibility and saving time.

Use our in-house Research Projects Team

With 20 years’ experience in delivering excellence for our clients, the Snap Surveys Research Projects Team can handle the entire survey process for you.

This includes:

  • Design and Distribution
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Data entry for paper surveys

Whether it’s an online or offline survey, our team can help you reach greater insights. We’ll even share results with you in real time.

Happy faces, charts and reports.

Why choose Snap Surveys?


Uncover insights that drive action thanks to advanced visual reporting.


Pre-built Surveys. Starter Templates. Projects Team. Whatever you need, we’re ready to step up.


All data is stored on US servers. Snap Surveys is fully ISO 27001 certified.

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