At Snap Surveys we understand that every survey project is different, and that sometimes customers need a more custom survey solution.

Combining our survey software solutions and services expertise we can provide everything a research project requires, including questionnaire management, reporting, training, panels and custom technical development.

We’re already working with clients in a wide range of sectors – why not work with us to create a feedback solution that’s a perfect fit for you?

Made to measure feedback and reporting

Our feedback and reporting solutions can include:

  • Links to external databases to automatically send email invites and reminders.
  • Links with MiS and CRM systems to update records and Performance Dashboards
  • Automated Smart Reports updated in real-time to send to multiple clients and colleagues.
  • Client and colleague log-ins to amend survey templates, upload online surveys, send email invitations, print paper surveys, etc.
  • Data collection using multiple modes including online, kiosk, tablet, paper, face to face and phone. Easily integrate the responses into a single dataset for analysis.
  • Email alerts sent to individual managers as participants complete questionnaires if certain conditions are set, for example a negative score on a question.
  • Questionnaires automatically presented in the participants preferred language

Case study – British Holiday & Home Parks Association

The BH&HPA are always looking for ways to add value for their members. The holiday park survey gives participating parks a simple way to gauge customer satisfaction and provides valuable information to help them to improve their business.

Working closely with our client we set up a system to host and collect responses from a single online or paper survey, uniquely tailored to each of over two thousand holiday parks. Every month, Smart Reports are automatically produced and emailed to each park.

Each report contains:

  • Park specific analyses including narrative with summary tables, charts and comment lists
  • Benchmark comparisons between that park’s performance and other similar parks.
  • Benchmark comparisons of performance for current month versus the equivalent period last year.

Case study – Frederick Community College

Snap partnered with Frederick Community College to create an online course and instructor evaluation system providing:

  • Automated evaluation email invite and reminders during the evaluation period with auto login for each student
  • Upon login, a student is presented with a menu list of evaluations for the courses they had taken and the status of those evaluations (“Not Started”, “Partially Complete”, “Completed”) from which they may launch the evaluation
  • Customizableevaluation reporting was available both online and offline with real-time updates including mean scores and response level for each instructor and course evaluation question along with all comments.  Benchmarked reports were provided at the department (department versus total school), instructor (instructor vs. department vs. total school) and course (course vs. department vs. school) level.

Case study – Sport Wales

Sport Wales was looking for a cost effective and efficient way to manage the sports participation in schools survey. Previously reports had had to be put together manually which took time and limited the ability to distribute relevant information to participating schools and authorities. Reports were also required in both English and Welsh.

Our solution enabled the Sport Wales team to give access to live online analysis for up to fifty interested parties.

We produced Smart Reports containing:

  • Data combined from multiple surveys (students and teachers)
  • Unique reports for each school, local authority and region

Also as part of this survey solution we designed and hosted an online survey for Sport Wales that could cope with up to 5000 simultaneous log ins.

If you’d like to find out what we could do for your organizationget in touch for a chat.