How do you use Parks and Greenspaces?

We are currently reviewing the councils approach to play and the results will help inform the Draft Play Strategy (

Play is a vital part of our everyday lives, not only is it an enjoyable pastime, it provides many benefits to physical health, mental well-being and social interaction. We want to encourage play wherever possible, by providing well designed, diverse and high value opportunities that will attract and capture the imagination of all; giving everyone the chance to play in new, exciting and more creative ways. In order to do this, we want to know how, why and where people like to play as well as gaining a better understanding of the current and potential play opportunities that exist within Kirklees. We want to do this by asking the experts; you  – the people who use them the most.

The one thing we do ask is that, if you’re an adult, please remember your own childhood when reading through the following questions. Please also remember -  play is for all, not just for kids!

What is Wild Play?
Wild play is essentially unstructured outdoor play opportunities; encouraging exploration, imagination and discovery through interaction with nature. Combining manufactured equipment with more natural elements of play - wild play spaces are designed to stimulate children’s natural curiosity, imagination, wonder and discovery as well as facilitating children’s connectivity with nature.  Play in nature is important as it affords possibilities and challenges for children to explore their own abilities, learn about risk assessment and risk taking. Research suggests that children feel more comfortable being in the natural environment and in doing so their knowledge about nature increases.

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