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Digital Inclusion Customer Survey 2017

More and more services are offered online, and the Go ON Worcestershire Partnership are keen to understand how easily you can use them.  It is important for us to get responses from people who use the internet, and from people who don't.  Please help us and take a few minutes to complete this survey.  The survey is being run by all the partners in the Go ON Worcestershire Partnership, therefore please complete it once only.

You must be aged  
AT LEAST 16 to complete this survey.

By completing this voluntary survey you agree to your responses being collated, processed and analysed by Worcestershire County Council and the Go ON Worcestershire Partnership.  The information you provide will only be used to help us to understand how easily you can use the internet.

Responses will be analysed and a summary report will be produced and will be used to inform the Digital Inclusion Strategy, this will be statistical and will never contain anything that could identify you.

None of your individual responses will be shared with any third party.

This survey will close
on the 27th October 2017.

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