We want to know what you think about technology enabled care

Leaders in health and care in our city and county have put together a plan which they believe can make the biggest impact on improving services and improving the health and wellbeing of the people.
One of the main areas for the plan is to increase the use of technology enabled care. We want to know what your views are on how technology may be used to assist the care for you or a loved one.

Please indicate if you have / would use any of the following, or let us know why you cannot / would not
 Booking a GP appointment online
 Ordering repeat prescription online
 Mobile app e.g. Ask NHS
How would you rate the following statements?
Using a five star scale where one is the lowest and five is the highest.
 It is important that I am able to book/cancel appointments with my GP online
 It is important that I am able to look at my GP medical records online
 I’d be happy to attend appointments via video link (such as Skype or FaceTime)
 I’d be happy to receive text message notifications (e.g. prescription reminder)
 I’d be happy to use technology to monitor my health (e.g. mobile phone)
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