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Regional Network Coordinator 2017-2018


Application form


This application form is for Commonwealth Scholars applying for a Regional Network Coordinator position.

Please ensure that you have read the Regional Network Coordinator role profile document before completing the application. This can be found at http://cscuk.dfid.gov.uk/2016/08/regional-network-coordinators-for-2017-2018/

You can apply to become a Coordinator for one of the following UK regions, depending on your university:

Scotland (1 Coordinator from East Scotland, 1 Coordinator for West Scotland)
North West (1 Coordinator)
North East (1 Coordinator)
Midlands and Oxford (1 Coordinator from the Midlands)
Wales and Northern Ireland  (1 Coordinator)
South East (1 Coordinator from London, 1 Coordinator from the South East, 1 Coordinator from Cambridge)
South West  (1 Coordinator)


Note: To navigate backwards and forwards, please use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page. Do not use the screen navigation buttons at the top of the window.

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