Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme


Since April 2013, Local Authorities have administered a Local Council Tax Reduction scheme for those of Working Age, on behalf of the Government. A scheme with national rules continues for pensioners, which is also delivered by Local Authorities.

The Government still provides funding for localised schemes, but since April 2013 it has been reduced. In 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016 there was public consultation to gauge views about the locally proposed scheme.  

We would again like your views of the scheme, in order to finalise it from April 2018.

This survey is open until 10th November 2017. It gives details of the current Local Council Tax Reduction Working Age Scheme which will continue to enable us to achieve the reductions we need to make. We would like your views on the scheme so please take the time to fill in this survey. Your feedback will be used to help shape the final Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

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