Thank you for volunteering to complete this survey. We’d like to ask you a few questions about LGBT equality in your workplace. It should take no longer than five minutes to complete.

The information you provide is anonymous and completely confidential; it is not possible for individuals to be identified through their responses.

Stonewall aims to be as transparent as possible when processing data. We have outlined below how and why we use the data that you submit for analytical purposes, which are as follows:

- Reporting, to your employer, average scores and trends on key indicators of inclusion in your workplace (where sample sizes are too small, only national, regional and sector trends will be shared with your employer)
- Reporting national, regional and sector trends on LGBT inclusion in the workplace to be included in the Stonewall Top 100 report in January 2018 and associated publications
 For Stonewall to be able use the data you submit we need to gain your consent to do so:
We take every care to ensure that your responses are stored and processed securely. All data is collected through SnapSurvey webhosts, held securely on restricted Stonewall servers and only accessed by the relevant members of Stonewall staff. See here for more information about SnapSurvey security and data protection policies.
Please note that specific cases of harassment or bullying will not be fed back to your employer.  If you wish to report a case to your employer, you should follow the established reporting procedures within your organisation.
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