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General Information
The Cave Hill Campus Financial Aid Programme awards part tuition fee waivers (grants) or full tuition fee waivers (scholarships) to new and continuing undergraduate students who are nationals of the contributing countries of The University of the West Indies. The Financial Aid Programme serves as a last resort to assist students who have already exhausted all other options for payment of their tuition fees.

Please note that the waiver of tuition fees is NOT a cash award and it is NOT a waiver of economic costs.

Applicants must provide proof of a household income not exceeding Bds$25,000 annually.

For households with more than one registered student at the Cave Hill Campus, a maximum household income of Bds$40,000 will be considered.

At the time of applying for Financial Aid, students MUST provide proof of application to all other sources for assistance with their tuition fees, including scholarships, grants, loans and their local respective governments - e.g. the Higher Education Grant (HEG) for Barbadian nationals and the GATE facility for nationals of Trinidad and Tobago.

An eligible student who has received an award from another source that does not fully cover their tuition fee, may only receive financial aid to cover the outstanding balance.

Applicants must be registered Cave Hill Campus students in order to have their applications considered.

Special consideration will be given to continuing students who took leave of absence for financial reasons, and new or continuing students pursuing the priority degree programmes listed here

In addition to demonstrating financial hardship, to be eligible for consideration for a full tuition fee waiver scholarship, continuing second and third level students must be full-time and have a minimum degree GPA of 3.0.

To be eligible for consideration for a grant in the form of a maximum
50% tuition fee waiver, continuing second and third level students must demonstrate financial hardship and have a minimum degree GPA of 2.5.

For Level One students, the cumulative GPA will be considered, along with the demonstrated financial hardship.

Applications from eligible incoming (new) students will be considered on the basis of their prior academic record (CSEC, CAPE, Associate Degrees, etc).

All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications.

Volunteer Service

Successful applicants should note that completion of voluntary service identified and organised by the Office of Student Services is a non-negotiable condition of every award.

How to Apply
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