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Bolsover District Council operate a Citizens' Panel, which is made up of residents in Bolsover District who agree to take part in completing up to 6 questionnaires per year, either by post or via email. The Citizens' Panel questionnaires involve a range of topics on the local area and District Council services, which enable the authority to monitor and improve the facilities it provides.

The Equality Panel aims to assist, in conjunction with other partner, voluntary organisations, Bolsover District Council in providing better, more appropriate services to users.

The Objectives of the panel are:
à To help shape future Council services
à To seek the views and perceptions of service users
à To contribute to improve existing Council services
à To raise awareness of Equality issues with other organisations

This questionnaire asks you for information about you and your household, we need these details to make sure that the panels represent all the people in the district. If you would like to take part in either the Citizens' Panel or Equality Panel please fill in the questionnaire. If you prefer not to answer a particular question, please leave it blank. Although we ask you to sign up to take part in the Panels, you are free to withdraw at any time.

Please note that some travel costs will be paid to those who attend the Equality Panel.



All of the information that you give will be held securely and will be treated as confidential. The information that you provide will be used only for the purpose of administering the Citizens' / Equality Panel. Any information you give in future Citizens' Panel questionnaires will be anonymous and will be processed only by Bolsover District Council.

Your data will be maintained in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will not be passed on or sold to any other organisation.

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