Focusing on mobile interviewing with Snap Mobile Anywhere, this course has been designed to give new users to Snap an understanding of the entire survey process, from design and data collection to analysis and reporting.


Attending this course will enable you to:

  • Create basic mobile questionnaires
  • Share surveys and collect replies
  • Create basic results tables and charts


Questionnaire design

We’ll start by creating your first Snap questionnaire, designed specifically for face-to-face interviewing. Then we’ll add questions from the question library, and customise the layout to suit the device being used to conduct the interviews.

Data entry preparation

To make sure you get accurate data, we’ll show you how to minimise errors by setting response types, using question routing, and specifying format and data limits.

Data collection

We’ll upload surveys to Snap WebHost, our online survey management system, from where they can be shared with interviewers and devices in the field,  schedule interviewing and collect responses.

Introduction to analysis

View the online Survey Reports, learn how to filter results to see how different groups answered specific questions, and build some simple tables, charts and comment lists.


Face to face

Our dedicated training suites in Bristol or London are the perfect place to bring your Snap skills up to scratch, and with lunch included what could be better? Or, if there are several of you it may work out much the same for us to come to your office.


We know it’s not always easy to meet face to face, so we can arrange an online training session for you and your colleagues. You can see our desktop and we can share mouse control.

Prices and dates