The Snap Scanning Module is an add-on which enables users to scan in completed paper questionnaires.

Questionnaire Design

  • Use the templates supplied in the standard Snap Questionnaire Design window to generate scannable questionnaires
  • Or mark up your own questionnaire format generated outside of Snap
  • Use patterns to improve the recognition of hand-printed text responses

Data collection

  • Scan responses to paper questionnaires automatically
  • Automatically orients individual pages
  • Handles questionnaires of virtually any size
  • Records images of open-ended responses for later keying
  • Includes a comprehensive data cleaning section which maintains a record of which cases have been scanned and interpreted and which have outstanding issues
  • Reads multiple choice replies, numbers and hand-printed text
  • Records images of open-ended responses for printing, searching, coding or keying
  • Automatic recognition of altered/crossed out replies

Results analysis

  • Perform all the standard analyses available in Snap Survey Software

Scanners for use with the Snap scanning module

When deciding on the best scanner for your survey projects, think about the amount of usage you will make of your scanner as this will help you to choose the most appropriate scanner for your needs.

  • Occasional use up to 500 sheets/day
  • Regular use up to 1,000 sheets/day
  • Heavy use 1,000+ sheets/day

For advice on which model best suits your requirements, please contact your preferred hardware supplier. The scanner needs to be:

  • A ISIS compatible scanner
  • Scanner must be capable of producing a TIFF image
  • Available hard-disk space of 50-150k per side required for scanned pages