Snap offers you various options in terms of anonymising your survey data, from running fully anonymous surveys with no personal data submitted to WebHost, to being able to identify if a respondent has responded but not linking them to their response, to removing identifiers from the data after collection so that your further processing is on anonymised data only.

If you want your survey to remain fully anonymous, here are the things you should do:

  • Don’t ask respondents for personally identifiable data such as email address, name etc.
  • Don’t add a database of respondents to your survey in Snap

To deploy your survey you can:

  • Put the link to the survey in places where your respondents will have access to it, for example your website, intranet or on posters
  • Print a paper version and leave it in relevant places

How to find the link for your survey:

  1. Log in to Snap WebHost
  2. Click on your survey
  3. You will find the URL of your survey in the Summary tab, this can be inserted into webpages as an hyperlink or on printed material as a QR code

If you want to deploy a survey where you contact a respondent in your database you have three options:

Finally, if you want to anonymise your survey after carrying it out, you can remove personal data from the data file. See our worksheet: Anonymising data after carrying out your survey