Using a weight matrix, Snap has the ability to differentiate between responses to a particular question as being correct or incorrect.

In this example we will set up four multiple choice questions, each with four possible answers. Using weighted variables we will identify the response for a correct as those weighted as one or incorrect for those weighted as zero. Using these numbers the total number of correct responses can be calculated.

Step By Step

Step 1

Create a question like this:

Step 1 create question

Step 2

Set up three more questions called Q2, Q3 and Q4, each with four possible answers (codes).

Step 3

Click on the weights weight button 2 button to open the Weights window.

Step 3 weights window

Step 4

Select the New button button to create a new weight.
At the Weight details dialogue box, enter a Value of 1 for Code 1 and 0 for Code 2,3 and 4. Name this as ScoreA. This will be used for each question where A is the correct answer.

Step 4 weights details v2

Step 5

Save Save button the new weight and close the Weights window.

Step 6

Now create 3 more similar weights for ScoreB, ScoreC and ScoreD where the value of 1 is in codes 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

Step 6 weights scores

Step 7

Click View on the menu and choose Variables and then click add to create a new derived variable which will be used to total the number of correct responses:

Type: Derived
Response Quantity
Name: Total
Label: Total
Value for OK code: ScoreA(Q1) + ScoreB(Q2) + ScoreC(Q3) + ScoreD(Q4)
Step 7 variable details

Step 8

If you want to display this total to the respondent then place the cursor in the text area of a question, title, or instruction where you want the total to appear and then right click on the cursor and choose Insert and then choose Variable Field.

In the New Variable Field window select Total from the variable drop down and click OK.

Step 9 new variable field

This will appear like this in your design

Step 9 your total score is

When your survey is completed it will appear like this in your browser.

Step 9 your total score is 2

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