Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

March 19, 2020

Business continuity at Snap Surveys

We are monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation carefully and are taking steps to minimize the disruption to our business and to keep our staff safe. The data security and business continuity processes we have developed to gain our ISO 27001 certification means that we are able to operate our business as usual. Our software and services remain available, our staff are working from home and we do not expect any significant disruption in our supply chain during this period.

How we can help our customers

We recognize that our customers are having to make changes to how they operate their business during this time, particularly by asking their own employees to work from home. To help with this, we have emailed the main contact at each of our customers to offer free additional temporary licenses of our software for use at home. Our research services, support teams, online training courses and consultancy services are available as usual should you require them. For more information about these options, don’t hesitate to contact us: or 603-610-8700.

Sales & payment processing

Customers: We request our customers contact their sales representative at for questions about your orders. For payment questions, please contact Snap Accounting at
Suppliers: Please email your invoices to rather than mailing them to us.

Moving forward

Clearly, the situation is a fast moving one for all of us but we will respond as quickly as possible to each development to reduce disruption for everyone. There may be times when certain operations could be affected, for example it may take us longer to respond to a phone call, but we appreciate your patience during this period.

Best wishes,
Steve Jenkins, CEO

Steve Jenkins