Customer Satisfaction Survey

Happy customers are the secret to driving revenue

Our ready-to-run Customer Satisfaction Survey is simple to use, pre-loaded with questions and built-in reports to help you understand what your customers really think.

Easy to set up  |  Pre-built reports

Customer satisfaction survey on desktop and mobile devices | Snap Surveys

Customer satisfaction survey designed by experts

  • Quick and easy to set-up – No need to learn a new platform
  • Questions follow best practice for customer satisfaction surveys to increase response rates
  • 17 attitude questions (optional)
  • Email alerts to instantly communicate customer concerns
Net Promoter Score email alerts | Snap Surveys

Comprehensive reports to help you get the most from your feedback

  • Show results for any month and track progress over time
  • Includes a happiness index
  • Net Promoter Score to measure promoters, passives, and detractors
  • Word clouds to show frequently mentioned open-ended comments
Customer satisfaction survey NPS report | Snap Surveys

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