Snap XMP: Experience Measurement Platform

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Snap XMP is currently available as a subscription service.

Say hello to Snap XMP

Snap XMP is our new experience measurement platform, perfect for collaborating on research projects across any organization, in-office or in a remote-working environment. This new platform is:

  • Seamless and easy to use
  • Faster to access data
  • Designed for collaborative working

Snap XMP harnesses the power of Snap Desktop with upgraded capabilities and combines it with the new features of Snap Online for seamless data collection and feedback management.

Snap Surveys has been a key player in data collection and analysis solutions since 1981, and we’re excited to share our innovative solutions in the next generation of Snap Surveys for desktop, online, and offline mobile interviewing.

Top benefits of upgrading to Snap XMP


Create an engaging user experience – surveys, forms, assessments, and more with branded questionnaires and built-in templates to help you get started. Reach anyone, anywhere, in any language, on any interviewing device: online, offline, mobile, and paper.


Improve your overall workflow. Enjoy the updated features of our advanced Snap Desktop survey software, now synchronized with our new Snap Online solution for data collection and feedback management – offering a complete experience measurement platform, Snap XMP. 


Share surveys across work groups, in the cloud to streamline work with your team, enabling goals to be achieved and projects to reach their full potential. Collaborate on team projects and synchronize between Snap Desktop and Snap Online.

Snap XMP - Sync projects between Desktop and Online
Share projects, and sync between Snap Desktop and Snap Online.

Top features of Snap XMP

  • Built-in templates give you an easy starting point, and ensures your surveys are compatible with all interviewing devices
  • Auto-synchronize your surveys effortlessly with new Snap XMP features that keep your desktop and online surveys up-to-date 24/7
  • Share your online folders and control who can view or make changes; streamlining the workflow and promoting collaborative working
  • Customize URLs for easy sharing – you can now edit the end of your survey url; allowing you to include your brand identity or survey title (or both) – plus make it easier to read
  • Create professional questionnaires from scratch all from your web browser and accessible from anywhere
  • Access and manage your surveys faster than ever thanks to new data formats
  • Upload your spreadsheets of participants directly and edit them in Snap Online
  • Create branded templates to ensure consistency throughout your organization for all editions
  • Most frequently used functions from the Toolkit – Totalize and Rating Check – have been added to the variable properties for better user experience

Other useful features of Snap XMP

Here’s what else you can expect to find in Snap XMP:

  • A QR code is automatically generated for each survey for easy sharing
  • New CSS buttons allowing more flexible editing and use with multi-language surveys
  • Survey cloning available online            
  • Partial content can be viewed in Snap Online without having to close the interview. Find out where your problem questions are and correct immediately
  • Time and date pickers use the devices’ default calendars and clocks, making it easier for respondents to complete
  • A researcher can see all Snap Online activity history in their account. See who has made changes or shared a survey
  • Print your paper surveys directly from Snap Online
  • New report for scanning surveys ‘Scanned images report’ – report of literal response data
  • New instant summary dashboard report
  • Question carousels, compound grids and inline questions to give you greater flexibility and greater engagement for your participants
  • Improve your participants’ survey experience and make your survey workflow more efficient with our new API
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is available to provide an extra layer of security when signing in
  • Join your participant list when collecting data offline, also include quotas and screenouts to ensure you interview the right people
  • Improved usage statistics shown within the online interface

To optimize your survey’s engagement even more, use our existing tools such as time and date pickers, map controls, and drag and drop sliders – giving respondents a smooth and engaging survey experience.

It’s time to upgrade

Don’t miss out on all these great benefits – get started today.

Snap XMP is currently available as a subscription service.