Tools for GDPR compliant surveys

What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on 25 May, 2018, giving individuals more rights and insights about the use of their data. The legislation applies to anyone in the EU that collects or handles personal data, and also to organisations outside of the EU where they collect or handle the personal data of individuals in the EU. It includes substantial fines for non-compliance.

How the GDPR affects surveys

If the GDPR applies you are collecting, you will need to ensure that your survey practices are GDPR compliant. There are a number of ways in which the GDPR affects data collection, surveys, and research projects, including:

  • Lawful basis: before you collect any personal data, you need to have a lawful basis for doing so that meets one of the six conditions in the GDPR. Consent is a common basis for surveys; gaining consent from respondents to collect and process their data, before they start the survey.
  • Informed consent: When asking respondents to consent to personal data collection and processing, they need to be informed why their data is being collected, where it will be stored, how it will be processed, the purpose of the processing, and how long their data will be kept.
  • Data minimisation: You should only collect personal data that you need, and be able to justify why you needed to collect it. Respondent data and survey responses should be deleted when they are no longer needed and within the time frame specified to respondents.
  • Rectification, erasure and restriction: Under the GDPR individuals have a right to access their personal data, request that their data is amended or deleted, and restrict any further processing of their data.

Snap Surveys: GDPR compliant survey tools

Snap Survey Software offers features and functionality to help create GDPR compliant surveys. We are ISO 27001 certified, and have built on our ISO and Data Protection Act compliance frameworks to meet the new GDPR requirements.

Snap Surveys Limited is a UK based company, with servers located in the UK, and the option to use a wholly ring fenced UK solution where survey data will not leave the UK.

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