Summer Camp was a series of free webinars which ran between June and September 2013.

steve-baxDesigning engaging questionnaires to deliver high response rates (UK)

Steve Bax, Managing Director of research company Bax Interaction and tutor at Cambridge Marketing College.

This webinar explored the key principles behind effective questionnaire design. Steve discussed current thinking on how best to engage potential respondents and improve completion rates.

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brandingDesigning online surveys in Snap (UK)

Snap Training Consultant,  Marc Ellison

Marc shows delegates hints and tips to get the most from online surveys. The webinar demonstrates features and functions in Snap which complement principles Steve Bax covered in the earlier webinar. Marc also introduces delegates to new features in Snap 11, including semantic questions and other new question styles.

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Other resources: Adding videos to online surveys (worksheet) | What’s new in Snap 11 | Find out more about Snap WebHost our online and mobile survey management platform


paperscanningHints and tips for designing questionnaires for multi mode surveys (UK)

Snap Training Consultants Marc Ellison and Nathan Pritchard

Previous delegates to the designing effective online surveys webinar asked us to cover paper and mobile surveys as well as online surveys. One of Snap’s many strengths is how easy it is to set up the same questionnaire for different modes, paper, online and mobile, which enable you to engage respondents in the way they want to complete questionnaires and increase response rates.

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Group Questionnaires (Classroom Evaluations and 360 Surveys) (US)

Snap Services Manager,  Jay Arbelo

Jay demonstrates the ease with which a Group Questionnaire can be used to gather data from an individual several times for different subjects. This webinar will be of particular interest to those who administer Classroom Evaluations and 360 Assessments.

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analytical-toolsIntroducing enhanced analysis in Snap – part 1

Snap Training Consultants Marc Ellison and Nathan Pritchard

Last year Summer Camp covered some of Snap’s extensive suite of analysis tools. The latest upgrade, Snap 11, delivers enhanced reporting and analysis which will help delegates to get even more from their data

The team demonstrate

  • *New* auto reports. Snap provides a range of reporting options which makes it easy for customers to deliver quick, robust topline results.
  • New analysis templates
  • Word clouds
  • Cell referencing to pull survey data into reports automatically.

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Other resources: Using Wordclouds to display your results (worksheet)


paperscanningScanning with seeded data (US)

Snap Services Manager,  Jay Arbelo

For customers who rely on scanning forms, Jay shows how to build a question in a survey for the purpose of pre-populating it with an identifier. The accurate capture of this identifier allows you to tie this data to a database or import corresponding data, both of which are demonstrated. General scanning “do’s and don’ts” are also covered.

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fiona-thompsonGetting your message across (UK)

Fiona Thompson, Wordspring

A well thought out report brings clarity and understanding to its readers. Fiona is a professional copywriter who has worked for clients including the BBC, Deloitte and BT. Fiona shares hints and tips on what to consider when structuring and writing a report. She also discusses the rise in the story telling trend in market research. Combine Fiona’s tips with the new Smart Reporting capability in Snap and your reports really will ‘get your message across’.

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jane-woolleyImpactful insight – part 1 (UK)

Jane Woolley, Insight Management Academy

Jane Woolley is a customer insight consultant. In part 1 of “Impactful Insight” Jane challenges you to think about exactly what “insight” is, and shows you how to ensure your surveys are planned to deliver effective insight aligned with business/organisational goals.

Jane explains that insight should be financially valuable to an organisation and how to achieve and demonstrate this. She shows you a step-by-step guide to two simple techniques, commercial valuation and SCQAB, which will guarantee that your insight is impactful.

Jane Woolley is a customer insight consultant. Prior to becoming a consultant, Jane was Head of Customer & Stakeholder Insight at London Underground.

» Watch the webinar (MP4) Other Resources: Insight white paper – Jane Woolley


jane-woolleyInsightful insight – part 2 (UK)

Jane Woolley, Insight Management Academy

In “Insightful Insight” Jane looked at the difference between information and “insight”; how you turn information into insight.

“Insightful Insight” looks at the difference between information and “insight” and the need to draw upon multiple sources of information when generating insight, not just market research. Jane shows a simple framework to apply to make appropriate use of multiple sources of information in order to come to an overall conclusion about an issue.

Jane Woolley is a customer insight consultant. Prior to becoming a consultant, Jane was Head of Customer & Stakeholder Insight at London Underground.

» Watch the webinar (hosted on Vimeo) | Other Resources: Insight white paper – Jane Woolley

analytical-toolsIntroducing enhanced analysis in Snap – part 2 (UK)

Snap Research Services Manager, Ed Hockey

In this webinar Ed shows how reporting features in Snap enable you to create and distribute reports that really can ‘get the message across’ cost effectively and efficiently.

Ed explains the key foundation blocks of Smart Reporting and demonstrates some of the benefits and shows how to start building Smart Reports.

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Other Resources: Creating a Smart Report which includes automatic text | Smart Reports: understanding contexts


brandingSummer Camp round-up – Design (UK)

Snap Training Consultants Marc Ellison and Nathan Pritchard

Marc and Nathan shared some of the questionnaire design questions and answers from previous Summer Camp sessions as well as questions that our HelpDesk teams get asked frequently and live questions on the day.

» Watch the webinar (hosted on Vimeo)


analytical-toolsSummer Camp round-up – Analysis and reporting (UK)

Snap Training Consultants Marc Ellison and Nathan Pritchard

Marc and Nathan went through some of the questions and answers concerning analysis and reporting from previous Summer Camp sessions, HelpDesk frequently asked questions and live questions on the day.

» Watch the webinar (hosted on Vimeo)

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