It’s not easy to ask the right questions, and harder still to understand what the results really mean. That’s why we team up with industry experts to develop Ready-to-Run surveys – professionally designed questionnaires and comprehensive Smart Reports that add clarity and purpose to your customer feedback.

How do they work?

With no software to install and no specialist knowledge required, Ready-to-Run surveys are simple to use.

1. Personalize the questionnaire

Each Ready-to-Run survey comes pre-formatted with questions selected by industry leaders and refined by our expert research team – just follow the prompts to select which questions you want to ask. Some surveys may also require you to add your organization name and logo. Then, as the name suggests, it’s ready-to-run!

2. Collect replies

Email the unique survey link to selected customers, or capture instant feedback by running the survey on a PC or kiosk at your premises. You can also print paper surveys to hand out or mail. Then, sit back and wait for the results to come in.

3. View the report

You’ve asked the right questions, so the pre-built reports will show exactly what you need to know, with results presented in a clear no nonsense format – and if you want to see results for people in different age groups or gender, you can run a report just for them. Reports can be accessed from anywhere, and results shared easily with colleagues or clients.

Custom Ready-To-Run surveys

Work with us to produce a Ready-to-Run survey specific to your requirements. Use the survey to earn commission, share benchmarking data between and within organizations or operate as a consultant, using Smart Reports to target potential improvements in clients businesses.

Case study: HSL Safety Climate Tool

We partnered with The Health and Safety Executive to set up a survey tool designed to explore attitudes and perceptions to health and safety within organizations. The report aims to help organizations improve their safety performance, and includes:

  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Benchmarks to industry standards
  • Analysis of additional user defined questions