New Worksheet: Create a Survey for Online, Face-to-Face, and on Kiosks

Access our new, helpful worksheet to learn how you can create a survey for distribution online, face-to-face, and on a kiosk

Snap Survey Software allows you to create different editions of your online questionnaire so you can adapt the design to be viewed on a tablet, kiosk screen, or smartphone.

Respondents can complete surveys by:

  1. Being interviewed (or using a kiosk). If you know that interviewers and kiosks use devices with very different screens (for example, an iPad and a small smartphone), you might want to lay out your survey differently for the different devices.
  2. Browsing the internet. You can handle different screen sizes by setting up an adaptive questionnaire for Snap WebHost that changes according to their screen size.

In some cases, you may want a respondent to be able to complete a questionnaire in both ways. We have developed a worksheet describing how you can set-up a survey with different editions for Snap WebHost and Snap Mobile Anywhere. If respondents are completing the survey on their own device (tablet, etc.), you need to provide a questionnaire that fits devices with different screen sizes. You do this by creating an adaptive questionnaire for Snap WebHost. If you are using Snap Mobile Anywhere and you know that a survey is only going to be seen on one type of device, you can design for that screen size and set of features. (If you are not sure what device your respondents will use, then you can provide separate versions of the survey, depending whether they use a tablet or a smartphone.) The worksheet also explains how you can combine your results.

The steps in the worksheet include:

  • Step 1: Create a single Mobile edition for Snap Mobile Anywhere
  • Step 2: Assign your survey to the interviewer or kiosk
  • Step 3: Create and upload Snap Mobile Anywhere edition for devices with different screen sizes
  • Step 4: Publish and upload the other edition(s)
  • Step 5: Add adaptive Snap WebHost editions
  • Step 6: Importing all the responses into Snap Survey Software

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