Why multi-mode surveys can deliver better data

Multi-mode surveys

Snap Surveys working with Silver Dialogue carried out a research project to find out what the preferred questionnaire delivery methods were for visitors to a number of National Trust properties around the UK,  and the subsequent effect on visitor survey response rates.

Visitors were approached by an interviewer at the start of their visit to find out if they would be willing to complete a post visit survey using their stated preferred method, i.e. paper, online, kiosk, smartphone etc.

The results in summary;

  • The most preferred questionnaire modes were paper/post 30% and web 26%.
  • Point of visit methods e.g. paper and kiosk had far higher response rates (91%), than post visit e.g. web and smartphone.
  • Using a multi-mode approach increased the overall visitor survey response rate to 61% from around 45% achieved in previous paper based visitor surveys.
  • A multi-mode approach reached a wider audience than previous surveys.  
  • Asking people to ‘pledge’ to complete a survey after their visit helped to boost response rates.

Read more about this multi-mode survey research project

Snap’s survey software provides a cost effective way to manage multi-mode surveys. Questionnaires for all modes are easy to set up through our design interface and results can be seamlessly combined.

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