Use Social Networking to Promote Your Online Surveys

use social media for online surveys

Use Snap WebHost to connect your online surveys to social media channels.

Today, more than ever, people are actively participating in online content sharing and social networking. From blogging and online forums, to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – people are connecting and sharing information online at speeds faster than ever! With a sizeable availability of online connectivity via personal computers and handheld mobile devices, staying connected has become a way of life. People are offering valuable information and honest, candid opinions on a vast array of topics. With this explosion of collaboration, now is the time to harness that information by incorporating online surveys into your content sharing and social networking activities. 

To get the most out of your surveys that require a generic sample of respondents, blog, post, and tweet the link to your online survey, and start gathering responses immediately. Organizations with a large following on social networking pages directly from customers and potential customers benefit from integrating online surveys into their social networking plan. Utilizing social networks to promote your online surveys gives you direct access to a sample of respondents that have a genuine interest in your organization’s products & services. 

For those that are Snap Survey Software users with an active Snap WebHost account or subscription, sharing online surveys via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn just got a little easier! We have added a simple icon click feature to our Snap WebHost, which enables you to easily share online survey links.

The icons for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn appear on the Summary survey screen.  Click on the icon for the social media channel you want to post to and send! It’s that easy!

link online surveys to social media

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