Snap Survey Software How-to: Limit the Number of Respondents in an Online Survey

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Use quotas in Snap Survey Software to limit the number of respondents in an online survey

There may be times when a specified sample of online survey respondents is required. In this instance, quotas may be used to limit the number of respondents in identified categories. For example, to limit the numbers of males and females completing your online survey, or to limit the numbers in each age group, you can simply set-up a quota.

Once the quota has been reached, further respondents will be routed to the end of the survey. It is recommended that questions used by the quota are placed as close to the beginning of the survey as possible to avoid unnecessary questions be asked.

Example of a Quota:

You might have to conduct a survey where you want to limit it to 35 male and 40 female respondents. You could then define a quota with a limit of 35 for the answer “Male” from your gender question in the online survey. Another quota for the answer “Female” with a limit of 40 could be added as well. This will give you a maximum of 35 males who will be able to complete the survey, and a maximum of 40 females who can complete the survey.

In Quotas worksheet, we walk you through an example where we introduce a quota that restricts the survey to the first 50 males and 50 females.

>>View this worksheet

Note: Quotas can only be applied to Web: Snap WebHost surveys. They may not be used with Web: HTML or Web: Framed HTML surveys.