Snap WebHost for Survey Management: Our Servers or Yours?

Easily manage your Snap surveys on our secure servers or yours with Snap WebHost

Snap-WebHostTake a look at the unique features of Snap WebHost, Snap Surveys’ online survey management and reporting system. Access to a Snap WebHost subscription enables users to easily upload and administer online surveys, create email invitations and reminders, manage data collection, and create real-time analysis and reports.

Snap WebHost has many advanced features, including:

  • Collect partial response data
  • Track multiple iterations of a survey
  • Seed responses from a database
  • Use patterns to validate open-ended questions
  • Check values of open-ended questions
  • Share real-time analysis and reports with individual clients and stakeholders

Did you know you can install Snap WebHost on your own servers?

There are unique benefits of installing Snap WebHost on your own servers, instead of subscribing to ours. With Snap WebHost In-House Installation, you control how and where your survey data is stored, and you can work on your survey project without the limitation of a subscription.

  • All data is saved exclusively on your servers
  • 24/7 access to your respondent data
  • Access to 7.5 million profiled respondents
  • Unlimited online and offline interviewing capability
  • Unlimited client logins to view and create analysis and reports
  • Fully brand your survey URLs to give participants confidence that your surveys are genuine

With a yearly maintenance agreement, you also get 12 months of telephone and email support, access to online resources, and free upgrades.

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