Snap Survey Software Release 11.17 Now Available

Active customers can update now to release 11.17 of Snap Survey Software

Update now to 11.17. This update is available for free to customers with an active Snap Plus subscription. Every new Snap Survey Software user receives 12 months free Snap Plus subscription which includes telephone and email support, as well as free software updates. Don’t have a current Snap Plus subscription? Contact a Product Specialist.

What’s new in Snap 11.17?

  • Added ‘reverse’ order when ordering option = ‘default’
  • Date and Time data pickers no longer pop up device keyboard (unless edit control selected)
  • Character level highlighting can now be set to ‘No Highlight’
  • New Report Tailoring option – ‘Check reports valid before execution’
  • and more new features, as well as notable fixes…

If you are using version 11.07 or later, ask your IT support team if Snap is configured to update automatically.

Download update

Do you have your Snap installation code and admin rights?

View Version Release Notes and Update

Contact your IT department

If you don’t have admin rights, contact your IT support and request an update.

Call us for help and advice

If you’re not sure how to update, one of our friendly team will talk you through the process. Give us a call:

US: 603-610-8700

UK: 01454 280828

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