Snap Survey Software How-to: Better Manage Your Survey Files

Learn how to better manage your survey files using Snap Survey Software

The way you store and name your survey files using Snap Survey Software can make it much easier to manage, find, and open your surveys in the future. If you carry out several similar surveys once a year, the file name may be the quickest way to tell the difference between them. You can also make it easier to find a particular survey by sorting your surveys into folders.

You can choose to:

  • have separate folders for each project
  • have separate folders for each year

Using Folders

When you start Snap Survey Software, it opens the last folder you used, and looks for any .mdf files within that folder. The shorter the list of files it has to go through, the more quickly it can sort and display them.

When you publish a survey from Snap, you can choose which folder to store the published survey in. If the survey has multiple editions or languages, Snap will automatically create a separate folder for each output or language.

Archiving surveys

When you publish and distribute a survey, it is good practice to make an archive copy of the empty survey. This means that you can recreate the survey exactly as it was published (for example, if you wish to re-run an online survey, mobile survey, or print more copies of a paper questionnaire).

When you have completed a survey (collected all data and used data for reports and analysis), you can archive the survey including the data. You can then delete the other survey files to save space.

Using SurveyPaks

If you have a survey that you copy often, you can add it to a SurveyPak. You can then create a copy of it wherever you are, from any folder, and choose which editions you copy. If you put the SurveyPak on a network, it makes it easy to share with other people.

It is best to think about your folders before you start a survey project. We have developed a worksheet, Managing your survey files, describing how you can clean-up your survey files. It explains how you can set-up a folder structure, archive, and restore surveys, and add surveys to a SurveyPak so you can easily base new surveys on older versions.

The worksheet includes the following steps:

  1. Setting up your folders
  2. Archiving your files
  3. Cleaning up your files
  4. Adding a survey to a SurveyPak

>> Access this worksheet: Managing your survey files

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