Snap Survey Software How-to: Format a Grid Question for an Online Survey

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Learn how to format a grid question for an online survey using Snap Survey Software 

grid_multi_comment_survey_questionSnap Survey Software offers many tools to assist users with formatting of and layout of survey questions, and making adjustments to elements of question positioning.

When you are creating an online survey for the Web, you do not have the same control over how it looks as you do with a paper survey. Different monitors and different browsers can make surveys look quite different, so it is worth testing your survey before you place it live on the Web. You also have to consider how the online survey will appear in different window sizes, rather than assuming that all the respondents will look at a full-screen window.

We provide our users with some useful instructions on how to adjust the layout of a grid question in an online survey.

You will learn how to:

  • Set the grid boxes so that they are vertically centered
  • Hide the question number and remove the space left for it
  • Change the spacing between the grid elements
  • Adjust the page margins

Use this worksheet to learn how to adjust the spacing of a grid question

Worksheet: Laying out a grid question for a Web survey