Snap Survey Software How-to: Create a Course Evaluation Survey for Multiple Courses

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Learn how to create a common course evaluation survey for multiple courses with Snap Survey Software

We have created a worksheet describing how you can send student respondents to a course evaluation survey, which they complete once for each course they have completed. When a student has completed an course evaluation, that version is marked as completed and no longer available to the student.

All the responses are analyzed together, so you can make direct comparisons between evaluations of different courses, years, etc. This is done by linking a common course evaluation survey (also known as an iterative survey or a combined survey) to a database that lists all the courses that a student has completed. Snap WebHost, our survey management and analysis system, then provides each student with the course evaluation surveys appropriate to them.

To create your set of course evaluation surveys, you need:

  • A Snap WebHost account
  • A student database
  • The evaluation survey

The student database

The student database must have a record for each student. The record must contain:

  • a unique id for the student (which they can use as a login)
  • an (optional) email address used to invite them to take part in the survey
  • an entry for each course they have taken

The course evaluation survey

The course evaluation survey must have:

  • a login variable (so the student can be identified and their courses set up)
  • a hidden variable containing all the course codes (this is set up [seeded] with the student’s courses from the database)
  • a visible variable showing the student’s courses. This allows the student to select which course evaluation to complete

You can also use dynamic text in the titles and questions to make the survey specific to the selected course

Summary of steps

This worksheet, Creating a common course evaluation survey for multiple courses, describes how to set-up a course evaluation survey so it can be used to evaluate multiple courses. The steps in this worksheet include:

>> Access this worksheet: Creating a common course evaluation survey for multiple courses