Snap Survey Software How-to: Administer Mobile Surveys on Apple iOS Devices

Learn how to use the Snap Mobile Anywhere app for mobile surveys on any Apple iOS device

Snap Mobile Anywhere, a fully synchronized mobile survey solution, allows you to enter responses to a published survey on any Apple iOS device: iPad or iPhone.

When you publish your Snap survey to a Mobile edition on your desktop, you can synchronize your iPad or iPhone with an account on a server. You add published surveys to the account and they are then downloaded to your device over the Internet. Responses are uploaded to the server.

To be equipped for mobile survey interviewing, you will need:

  • A Snap WebHost account
  • Mobile interviewing enabled on your account
  • Snap Mobile Anywhere installed on your iPad or iPhone

You must then:

  1. Publish the Mobile:Tablet edition of your survey.
  2. Upload the published zip file to Snap WebHost.
  3. Log into your account on your iPad or iPhone.

If you are do not have a connection to the Internet (for example, you are in a communications blackspot) you can easily synchronize with the server via your PC or transfer responses directly to your PC.

We have developed a worksheet, Using the Snap Mobile Anywhere app on an iPad/iPhone, describing how you can use Snap Mobile Anywhere for an iPad or iPhone. The steps include:

  1. Upload your mobile survey to Snap WebHost
  2. Start the survey on the iPad or iPhone
  3. Download the response data and import it into Snap for analysis

>> View this worksheet: Using the Snap Mobile Anywhere app on an iPad/iPhone

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