Snap 11 Survey Software is Now Available!

Snap 11 Survey Software is now available. Upgrade today! 

snap 11 logo - survey-softwareSnap’s latest survey software release, Snap 11, has been designed to give customers all the professional tools they need to create, manage, and analyze online, paper, and mobile surveys.

What’s new in Snap 11?

New design features

It’s now easier than ever to create professional looking surveys.

  • New questionnaire templates, question styles, and interactive question designs
  • Colorful options for progress indicators and navigation buttons
  • Updated sample questionnaires to illustrate some of the advanced survey features available in Snap 11
  • Improved file attachment enables participants to upload documents or images
  • And more…

Improved distribution

We’ve made enhancements to Snap WebHost, our online survey management and reporting platform.

  • Redesigned interface making it easier for you to manage surveys
  • Online analysis and reports for Snap Mobile Anywhere surveys on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Smartphones, and tablets.
  • The new group questionnaire feature means you can repeat the same questionnaire, but with a different subject each time – perfect for course evaluations, clinical trials, product testing, or 360 degree feedback.
  • Enhancements to security and compliancy
  • And more…

New automatic reports and dynamic smart reports

Get a quick heads-up on your analysis with our new instant reports, automatically updated with new responses, and available in Snap WebHost for easy sharing

  • Use your own commentary and analysis to create dynamic Smart Reports
    • Reports can be tailored to show results for a single location compared to results from all other locations
    • Create a pre-written plan of action noting appropriate recommendations for improvement
    • Create colleague or client log-ins to view analyses specific to their area of interest
  • New word cloud analysis to quickly summarize open ended / open responses, as well as new table, chart, and graph styles, including: bubbles, box plot, XY scatter and Radar 2D charts.
  • New descriptive statistics, including: Average Absolute Deviation to standard stats , Sample Standard deviation (N-1), and Sample Variance
  • And more…

>> Learn more about Snap 11 

Are you new to Snap Surveys and wish to learn more about our products and services, or are you an existing customer who would like to upgrade to Snap 11 Survey Software? Contact a sales representative today to discuss your options.

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