Shine Feedback Profit from New Smart Reporting Capability in Snap Survey Software

See how Shine Feedback, a Snap Survey Software customer, profits from the new Smart Reporting capability

Snap-Survey-Software-Smart-ReportingOne of the first organizations to take advantage of Snap Surveys’ new Snap Smart Reporting capability is Shine Feedback, a UK consultancy specializing in employee feedback and engagement.

Shine has been a Snap Survey Software customer for over 10 years. When they heard that we were looking for beta testers for the new Snap software upgrade, Snap 11 with Smart Reporting, they immediately saw the benefit to their business and got in touch.

Pippa, the Client Services Manager at Shine, and long time user of Snap Survey Software takes up the story.

“One of our clients requires employee survey reports for each of its outlets and the different management teams, which adds up to 300 different reports. We were doing this manually which was taking considerable resource and time. We approached Snap when we heard about Smart Reporting and asked if we could try it out on this client project.”

Snap’s Smart Reporting capability lets customers create reports that add real intelligence to survey data at the click of a button.

With Smart Reporting customers can…

  • Create different reports from the same data for groups and individuals which highlights the information specific and relevant to each report recipient.
  • Add benchmarking data to show how well (or poorly) key areas are performing over time.
  • Add commentary and other information based on the results. Shine add insight and action plans based on their considerable knowledge and experience to help their clients’ managers improve employee performance.

Pippa comments, “Smart Reports take a bit of planning up front, for example working out the context variables which drive the different levels of reporting.  However it is worth the extra time up front to be able to click a button and produce that number of reports so quickly.  The team at Snap, as always, were phenomenal and gave me a lot of helpful advice and support.

Shine-Feedback-uses-Snap-Survey-SoftwareNow I’ve set the template up, the 300 reports are available whenever we need to run them, updated with new responses in real time.”

Shine’s client prefers to distribute the reports as paper documents. The 300 reports could also be viewed online through Snap WebHost, Snap’s online and mobile survey management platform.

Pippa says, “Our client is very happy with the reports we deliver using Snap’s Smart Reporting, and we’re happy because we don’t have to spend 3 or 4 days pulling 300 reports together each time.”

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