Send Online Surveys to Targeted Survey Respondents

Snap Panel Samples let you send online surveys to a broad group of people or a targeted audience. You can specify the demographics or behavioral characteristics that you want for your online survey, and buy it directly from Snap Surveys via Snap WebHost, Snap’s online survey management and analysis platform.

Snap Panel Samples draw from the resources of our partner Cint, a global company, providing panels of respondents for survey completion. You can buy access to a panel of respondents supplied by Cint for any survey built for Snap WebHost. You do not need to set-up a database link or set up paradata for the panel.

You can select participants for your online survey in three ways.

  1. You can specify the demographics for the invited panel.
  2. You can include a quota question within your survey. This allows you to use the full power of Snap Survey Software to set-up complex quotas. For example, you could set up a quota question that required 100 men under 25 who owned a car and 100 women over 25 who owned a bicycle.
  3. You can add screening within your online survey by setting up a quota of 0. For example, to screen out women under 25, you would set a quota of 0 on a variable that was derived from the age and gender questions.

We have created a worksheet to guide Snap Survey Software users through the simple process. This worksheet describes how to choose a panel of respondents, purchase it, and run an online survey via Snap WebHost using this panel.

Worksheet: Setting up a Snap Panle Sample 

This worksheet explains the selection and purchase process

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